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Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

This time I will explain the meaning maps and map component and its usage.
The map is a picture of the earth's surface or below the surface of the earth is pictured on a flat surface with a certain scale and size of the system using a particular projection. Map can be presented in many different ways, ranging from the conventional printed maps to digital maps that appear on the computer screen.
The term map is derived from the Greek word meaning mappa cloth or cloth covering the table. However, the general understanding of the map is a sheet of all or part of the earth's surface on a plane to be minimized by using a certain scale. A map is a two-dimensional representation of a three dimensional space. The study of cartography called cartography. Many maps have a scale, which determines how much the object on the map in a real situation. While the collection of some of the maps is called an atlas.

Terms Map :

  • Conform,namely the shape of a map drawn and should be congruent with the original situation or actually in the region of origin or in the field.
  • Equidistance, ie the distance on the map when multiplied by the scale has been set according to the distance in the field.
  • Equivalent, namely the area or areas drawn on the map after the computed scale, would be similar to the existing situation in the field.

Component Map :
  1. Title Map
  2. scale
  3. Projection system
  4. Grid (coordinates)
  5. Triangulation points (coordinates)
  6. North direction (North Actually, Magnetic North, North Map)
  7. legend
  8. Index Map
  9. Production year
  10. Data source
  11. agencies makers
Type Map : Based on the contents of Data Presented :
  • General map, the map that describes the appearance of the earth, either natural or cultural phenomena. General map is divided into 3 types, namely:
  1. Topographic maps, the maps depicting the earth's surface complete with reliefs. Relief depiction of the earth's surface into a map drawn in the form of contour lines. Contour lines are lines on a map that connects places that have the same height.
  2. Korografi map, which maps that describe all or part of the earth's surface that are common, and are usually medium-sized. Examples are korografi map atlas.
  3. World map or geography, general map scale that is very small with a very wide area coverage.
A form of Local / Regional
  • Special maps (thematic maps), ie maps depicting the information to a specific theme / special. For example, political maps, geological maps, land use maps, map the spread of attractions, maps of population density, and so on.
Map based source (data) :
  • Map derivatives (derived map) is a map created based on a reference map that already exists, so it does not require the survey directly into the field.
  • Master map that maps generated from the survey directly in the field.
Map based form / symmetric :
  1. Map flat or two-dimensional map, or normal maps, or maps are maps planimetri flat and manufacture on a flat surface such as a cloth. This map is described using a different color or symbol and others.
  2. Map arise or three-dimensional maps or map geometry, ie a map created almost the same and even the same as the actual state of the earth. Mapmaking arise by using three-dimensional shadow that forms the earth looks like the original.
  3. Digital maps, a map of the results of the processing of digital data stored in the computer. These maps can be stored on a diskette or CD-ROM. Example: satellite images, aerial photographs.
  4. Map of the line, which is a map that presents the data of natural and artificial humans in the form of point, line, and area.
  5. Photo maps, which is a map produced from a mosaic of aerial photographs are equipped with contour lines, names and legends.

    Map based on the level of scale / accuracy:
    1. Cadastral maps (very large scale map) is a map scale of 1: 100-1: 5000
    2. Large-scale map is a map scale of 1: 5000-1: 250,000
    3. Map scale being is a map scale of 1: 250000-1: 500,000
    4. Small scale map is a map scale of 1: 500000-1: 1,000,000
    5. Geographical map is a map scale > 1: 1,000,000
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    Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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