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Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language for the process of making a web or site. On this occasion I will give you a tutorial how to change the objects in the form of vector into the HTML on Mapinfo software.
This discussion is useful in the process of entering a vector object into a website or websites. We require changing the objects that will be input into the script language that can be understood by the web.
Here are the objects in the form vekor Bandung district with a tab format.
Vektor Objek di Mapinfo
Vector Display Objects in Mapinfo
To change the object into HTML, go to the Tools menu in the software Mapinfo. Open the Tool Manager, then select Loader and Autoloader HTML Image Map.
Tool manager
Tool Manager
On the Tools menu, select HTML Image Map, then select the layer name of the object to be made into HTML. Select the column / field of the object. Fill in other details as follows:
  • Web Page Title: Fill in the title of the object to be made into HTML.
  • Image Properties: Give the title of the object properties.
  • Size: Enter the size of the current object is shown in a web browser.
  • Format: Select the format type of the object to be saved.
  • Clip Resolution: Enter the number of nodes that will be provided along the frame that encloses the objects on a web browser.
  • HTML file name: Fill in the HTML storage area along with the HTML name.
  • Set up a link for each object: Select the method used to display the current object in the web browser.
For a clearer look at the picture below.
HTML Image Map
HTML Image Map
To see the HTML script of vector newly created. Open the HTML data by using Notepad or Adobe Dreamware.
It looks more or less like the image below.
Tampilan Script HTML
Display HTML Script
Then open the HTML data with a Web browser such as Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox or other Web browsers.
Tampilan data HTML di Web Browser
Display HTML data in Web Browser
The picture above is the view vector object that we just created into HTML format in the Web Browser.
Hopefully, this discussion can be useful to readers.

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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