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Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

Geographic Information Systems or in the English language support is called Geographic Information System (GIS) is an information system that is used to enter, store, recall, process, analyze and output geographically referenced data or geospatial.
Before we know SIG deeper, we have to know the basics of GIS itself. A person who is engaged in the world will always be associated with GIS Data. Because the data itself is the main component for the run / generate a Geographic Information System.
  • Data = raw facts that have not been arranged
  • Information = set of data that has been arranged (meaning)
  • System = parts or components that are interrelated to one another Information Systems is a data set that is processed to be used as suau information. In principle there are two types of data to support GIS, namely:
  • Spatial Data
Spatial data is a real image of a region located at the earth's surface. Generally represented in the form of graphs, maps, pictures with a digital format and stored in the form of coordinates x, y (vector) or in the form of image (raster) which has a certain value.
  • Non-Spatial Data (Attributes)
Non-spatial data is data in the form of a table where the table contains information-information that the object in the spatial data. Data in the form of tabular data that are integrated with existing spatial data.
GIS components :
- Hardware 
- Software
- Data
- Brainware
- Methods

Benefits of Geographic Information System :

- Management of land use
- Inventory of natural resources
- For monitoring of natural disaster areas
- For the City and Regional Planning
- etc

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